What is Donamix?

DONAMIX is an all-inclusive online community that offers a range of amazingly free services. Founded in November 2009, Started as a small chatting site only, Donamix is geared towards providing excellent services, superior communication, and bringing people together at one platform. Based in Beirut, Lebanon, its social services do wonders. As a large scale social community, Donamix keeps on offering high-end services, so that the users could experience a new feel of life. Amazingly, everything you're going to find here is absolutely free of cost!

Why to join? What can I do here?

You can create your own blog write your knowledge, experience, stories, articles with other members, listen to music, connect with new people, Enjoy free uploading & downloading of music, Enjoy Photo & Video Sharing, Enjoy Live Audio-Video Chat rooms, Choose your favorite visual chat rooms and have fun with the like-minded people, Browse Members, Find People on the Site Search by Username, Education, City, Age, and Gender, Enjoy Donamix Radio We have live DJ's that interact with our listeners. Donamix offers unlimited free access to everything it has for you. If you really want to be a part of the rapidly growing community where you've full emancipation to do whatever you want to quench your social thirst, you must join us. So if you haven't registered yet, join us now and feel free to contact our round- the-clock technical support team if you need any assistance.

How do I contact Donamix?

Report Abuse: If you see inappropriate content or behavior on Donamix, please click the "Report Abuse" icon found in the top right-hand corner of donamix.com website. In the next screen that comes up, indicate what you saw that was inappropriate and click the red "Submit" button at the bottom of the screen. If using Donamix on Mobile, tap the “Report” button in the top right to send in a report. Or, on the Android app, tap the Menu button on the device followed by “Report". General Feedback: Email: feedback@donamix.com

Why Should i Donate to Donamix?

If you want to see new Features We need your SUPPORT that can be moral, ethnic, financial, or whatsoever suits you. With your moral support and FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE, Donamix is going to improve its standards and bring new features & benefits to the platform, which is eventually going to provide us with high volume traffic and server improvements. As a result, we may get stable! So, feel free to contribute as much as you can to be a part of this noble cause promotion. We'll make sure that we make best use of your funding; even if, you reward us with just $5. The more you're gonna contribute, the more efficiently we're gonna move forward. So, your generous contribution is expected as much as you can do!

Who can see my blogs, music, albums and my profile?

Once you sign up you will be able to control from your account settings who can see your blog post, music posts, friends, videos, or photo album. If you don't want them to be public you can set it to private only you and your friends can view them This includes your profile information.

Can I add Donamix Chat on my website?

Yes you can, Donamix Chat offers the ability to incorporate a free Chat on your websites. No special software or web hosting requirements are needed. You can create an HTML code using our code generator in the form below. Simply Copy the code and paste it on your site where you want it to show Click Here to get the HTML code for your Website or Blog

What is a VIP Member?

With VIP you can enjoy special benefits on Donamix. VIP stands for "Very Important Person" and represents the premium membership at Donamix. In subscribing to VIP, it helps us cover rising costs and ensures we can provide the best service possible using the very latest technology available. We enjoy making this site better just as much as all our members enjoy using it and with YOUR help we can go from strength to strength! Click here to Learn More about VIP or to Subscribe Now!

What is Upgraded Member?

Upgraded Members can have Unlimited uploading access to Music as much as they want! Free Members have limits only for Music uploading access by upgrading your account you will have unlimited access to upload Music. Click Here to Learn More about Upgraded Members!


How do I register to get my own account?

To register for your own account Click Here. Once you fill out all of the fields on the registration form and submit. Make sure you check your inbox and junk mail for your activation email. If you do not receive it in either regular inbox or junk mail please contact us Here.

I didn't get an email to activate my account

To get an activation email resent please Click Here. Then click on ( Resend verification Email ) Depending on your email settings your activation email may land in your junk mail folder. If your settings are set to delete all junk mail then please contact us Here.

I can't verify my account. Can you help?

Sure thing! Please send us an email at support@donamix.com and include your name, country, and the email address you use to access your account. We can manually verify profiles that include all of this information.

How do I delete my account?

To delete your account Click Here

Forgotten password. What do I do?

You can reset your password using our Forgotten Password form. You can see the form by Clicking Here. If you need help please contact us Here.

How do I change my nickname/username?

You can change your Donamix username by Clicking Here.


How do I edit my profile?

You can edit your Donamix profile by Clicking Here. You must be logged in to edit.

How do I add pictures to my photo album?

You can add or remove pictures from your photo album by visiting https://donamix.com/photos.php. Note you must be logged into your account. Uploading any pornographic images will be removed and your account could be suspended.

How do I add users to my Friend list?

Donamix Friend list allows you to add friends to share and communicate with. In order to send a friend request please use the Add Friend button. You can manage your friends by using your Friend Manager located at https://donamix.com/friends.php.

How do I add my age/location to my profile?

To add age or location to your profile please Click Here.

What are private messages?

You can send and receive private messages from other Donamix members. To manage your private messages please click Here


How to become Admin in Chat room?

By donating and supporting donamix.com you can become an admin in a chat room. Click here To learn more why to make a donation? (Monthly payment: 100$ US Dollars for Admin account.) Admin will get more power and other special Features like see IP Address and country of each user, Full ban options and ability to suspend/re-activate member profiles and more. It is not easy to become a staff member at donamix! We work hard and pay for our chat server to give you the best service! If you really want to join our Staff and be part of our Community Click Here to apply for Admin or to Learn More

How to become Moderator/Host in Chat room?

It is FREE and will not cost you anything if you are interested to be a Moderator in Donamix Chat Rooms, We interview every member before in joining Donamix Staff, We will study your experience after you apply and if we see that you are applicable for this position your application will be approved. One of our Administrations will get in touch with you by email. All you need to do is Fill the Moderator Application Form Here Please fill out the information leaving no blanks (Incomplete applications will not be considered) Please allow up to 3, or 4 Days for an answer due to the number of applications received.

How do I use Donamix Chat on my Phone?

To use Donamix Chat on your Phone Click Here

Is Donamix Chat app available on the Play Store?

Yes it is Search for "Donamix 123 Flash Chat" or visit Play Store App

How do I Download Donamix Chat on my computer?

To download Donamix Chat on your PC Click Here We make it easy for you to connect with your friends through Donamix

I am being harassed by another member

If you feel you are being harassed or being unfairly treated by another member or by Donamix Staff our management team can help please contact us Here Please include as much information as you can concerning the issue as well as screenshots.

I can't get the chat to load.

If you have flash and java installed and updated then please try deleting your cache/cookies and temporary files. You can do this using the options in your browser.

I have been banned from a room, what can I do?

Donamix staff cannot interfere with any member who breaks the chat rules. Please follow Donamix Chat Rules to avoid being banned in Chat Rooms. Click Here to read Donamix Chat Rooms Rules!

I was Muted by system. What is that?

If you Repeat the same message 3 times you will be auto muted by system. You get automatically muted by System, which means you are actually flooding, or repeating the same message again and again.

Can i advertise my business on Donamix Chat?

Yes we offer 2 advertising features on Donamix Chat, Banner Ads and Chat Bot - Automatic Messages inside the chat room with certain font style, size, color and time intervals, which will be sent periodically as system messages. Price starting from 100$ 30 Days For Chat Bot Ads and $400 30 Days For Banner Ads below Donamix Chat! If you are interested Please send us an email at support@donamix.com

Can I connect to chat with IPAD?

Yes you can, all our chat rooms can be opened with iPad or Mobiles.

I am getting the error: You have no flash installed

If you are getting the "You have no flash plugin installed" error you need to ensure that you have the latest Adobe Flash plugin and have flash enabled for our website.To check if you have the latest flash version please visit https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

How do I enable Flash Plugin on my browser?

Enable flash in your browser if webchat is not loading. Following are instructions for most common browsers:
How to enable flash player in Chrome.
How to enable flash player in Firefox.
How to enable flash player in Internet Explorer.
How to enable flash player in Microsoft Edge.

How to send a gift in chat room? What are Credits?

Credits in the Chat room are used for Sending gifts to other users, It's the virtual currency in all of Donamix Chat rooms. You can send virtual gifts in the chat rooms which can be a great way of letting other chatters know what you think of them. virtual gifts are paid for with chat room credits which can be received from other chatters sending you gifts, or by staying long time in Donamix Chat room and you can even buy them if you like.

To send a virtual gift to another chatter:

1.Click on their name in the room list on the right 2.Choose 'Send gift' from the pop up menu 3.Select a gift from one of the 3 tabs 4.Click Submit 5.You will see the gift appear on the screen for all to also see 6.80% of the credits you spend will be immediately given to the chatter you sent the gift to


I want to create my own blog. How do I do that?

To create your own blog Login to Donamix website or Click Here

Can I write about a variety of topics on my blog?

Yes you can write your knowledge, experience, stories, articles of variety topics . Except the following topics:
•Porn, Adult material
•Violent content
•Racial content
•Selling Drugs, Alcohol (Beer or hard alcohol)
•Selling Weapons and ammunition
•Distribution of course work. Eg: Student Essays

Do i need web hosting to create my own blog?

No you don't need a Web Hosting, It's FREE.

Why would I want to use Donamix Blog?

Here at Donamix, We offer unlimited blogging experience we prominently display blog post views. Your blogs will be seen by millions of members on Donamix. You can also share your blog post URL with your friends and on social media.

How does it work?

Once registered, You will have access to create and publish unlimited blog posts.

How long will it take for my blog link to appear on Donamix?

It will take less than 24 Hours our Administrators will review and accept your post ASAP.

Why was my blog post deleted from Donamix?

Though we appreciate all the great blogging contributions to Donamix, not all blog posts are eligible forinclusion on the site. Below are a few types of posts that we do not allow.
•Porn, Adult material
•Violent content
•Racial content
•Selling Drugs, Alcohol (Beer or hard alcohol)
•Selling Weapons and ammunition
•Distribution of course work. Eg: Student Essays


Do i need to register in flashchat?

Yes, in order to use flashchat feature, you need to log in flashchat once.

If i registered in website, do I need to register in flashcha service?

Yes, once you open flashchat you need to register again. Website is separated from flashchat in order to maintain stability and security.