Vanguards of the National Guard Reach the Border with Mexico
Vanguards of the National Guard Reach the Border with Mexico
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The Texas National Guard began deploying its first troops to help secure the southern border of the state with Mexico.

The Texas National Guard confirm on Friday it would deploy 250 personnel, military airplanes , vehicles and surveillance equipment along state borders in the following 3 days .

Tracy Norris, leader of the Texas National Guard, In a media convention he said that they hadn't determined the mission final details such troops total number involved and the operation cost .

The National Guard has been operating around the borders for hundreds of years  and Norris said about 100 Texas Department of Defense personnel were currently assigned to work in the area as part of a "monitoring and reporting" mission.

The deployment came after President Donald Trump face Defense Secretary James Matisse to use the National Guard to help the Homeland Security Department secure the border in four states in the southwest, including Texas.

on Friday Matisse authorized the funding of up to 4,000 National Guard troops to support the operation, which runs until Sept. 30, according to a Defense Department memo, adding that the troops would be under the "command and control" of state governors.

Arizona Governor Dag Dossi said in a Friday sermon that about 150 National Guard personnel would be deployed on state borders this week.

President Trump has so far failed to persuade the Mexican government or the US Congress to fully fund the wall he wants to build along the border with the southern neighbor of the United States.