Internet Addiction: How to Protect Yourself
Internet Addiction: How to Protect Yourself
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The first step to overcome the addictive habit associated with the interstitial network is to recognize it.

Then comes the actual steps a person takes to get rid of his addictive habit that requires will and perseverance to quit.

Steps to treat internet addiction:

  • Seeking help from specialists in modifying behaviors, trying to understand the person's reasons to such an addictive habit, in addition to helping the person how to learn the change in lifestyle.

  • Look for support from close people, family and friends to alert the person if he wants to indulge in one way or another in his habit of addiction and excessive sitting in front of the computer screen and the use of the inter-network.

  • Engage in the practice of a hobby such as reading or riding bike and other positive ideas that make the person away from the use of the computer.

  • Set a specific period to sit in front of the computer screen to read important e-mails or to do the work, and to have a stop watch to ring as soon as this specified time that also announces the end of the person's use of the computer.

  • Delete the sites that have been saved on the computer, so that the addicted person can't resort to them and leave the important sites only and not which are used to entertain.

  • Don't connect to the inter-network through the mobile phone (smart phone ), to limit its use.

Any type of addiction can be eliminated completely and irreversibly. If a person really wants to do this and not to circumvent others and pretend that he is going to do so in order to appease them, the most important thing is to satisfy himself before anything else.