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Happy wheels
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Happy Wheels


Happy Wheels unblocked  is an online physics based game which offers you something fun and different to what you can play on game consoles like the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or Wii. It’s online only so you require internet access, but you can play on your home computer or laptop.

Developer Jim Bonacci created Happy Wheels in 2010, looking for something new after seeing a number of quirky flash games online. He used his coding skills to create a new ragdoll physics game which is not just challenging to play but also entertaining.

Bonacci said: “It always bothered me when…you’d fall off your vehicle and harmlessly bounce around.”

Because Happy Wheels is a ragdoll physics game, every accident your character has will result in different animations and injuries. Although it’s fairly basic compared to console games, the actions will look pretty realistic, if somewhat gory.

Happy Wheels is a proven and popular game, played all over the internet from the UK to the USA and Australia on a daily basis. In 2011 it topped the physics game charts and currently it is searched for in Google over 4 million times a month.

How to play Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels is simple to play, it’s easy if you flash games such as uphill rush and other balance games. You control your character with the arrows keys and space bar. The up and down arrow keys are used to move backwards and forwards and left to right to keep you balance in your vehicle. \the spacebar is used to eject from the vehicle. Be aware though excessive actions can result in loss of limbs, to the character not you.

Simple, if you’ve play games like Uphill Rush and other balance games then you’ll soon master the controls for Happy Wheels the arrows keys and of course space to eject are all you need to get from the start to the finish line. In the Full version of Happy Wheels the end goal can vary depending on what sort of level you are on. If it is an official Total Jerkface level then it is likely to just finish the level to complete it, some user made levels may have different goals or may just never end which is ideal for those that love Happy Wheels.


Happy Wheels was voted the best free online game by the huge gaming network IGN and highly recommended by GameSetWatch.com.

Max Power said: “It’s really fun to play and so much better than doing work and easier.”

Dick Burns said: “Happy Wheels is great for a break, the controls are easy to get the hang of and the flying limbs are funny.”

Mike Hunt said: “I like all the blood and gore in Happy Wheels and the Effective Shopper character reminds me of my mother in law love seeing her lose limbs.”

If those reviews can’t tempt you and you’re not sure about Happy Wheels then feel free to try playing it here at happywheels.org.uk

Game Play

A full version of Happy Wheels can be played on TotalJerkface.com; there are more levels and characters available and you also have the opportunity to create your very own levels for happy wheels for other users to play whilst online.

There is no age limit set on Happy Wheels however because it can be quite gory parental discretion is required before gameplay. The gore is an essential part of the fun of the game play, during play injuries occur when you’re ejected from you vehicle this includes limbs falling off and blood oozing from the bloody.

Full Version Or Happy Wheels Demo

There is also a demo version of Happy Wheels available to play on www.happywheels.org.uk. It’s the spot to go to if you’re having trouble loading the full version of the game on Total Jerkface.com when it’s busy. It is a basic version of the game so you don’t get the extra levels of characters you do in the full but it’s still fun to play if you have a minutes to kill. The demo is also good if you want to get an idea of what Happy Wheels entails before you play the main version.


Some characters are only available in the Full version of Happy Wheels.

Wheelchair Guy

The Character that everyone is oh so familiar with, the grumpy old hobo looking wheels chair rider. This guy’s been in happy wheels since the beginning along with three other Characters, Segway Guy, Irresponsible Dad & Effective Shopper.

Wheelchair Guy is the oldest playable character and is probably classed as the main mascot for the game since he appears on the splash screen when the game loads.

Why do we say he’s a Hobo well his clothes are all tattered and torn and consist of a shabby green t shirt with holes in and paint on and some torn purple trousers.

His speed is classed as slow without the jet and fast with it attached, Wheelchair Guy is classed as a medium sized character.

Having the jet strapped to the wheelchair also makes him one of the quickest characters in Happy Wheels, also if the jet is crushed with a heavy enough object or falls from a high enough height he it will explode with one all mighty bang. If your familiar with the level editor in the full game then you can now use the jet engine as an object.

He has some phrases such as “Oh my leg!” and “Save me!”


Controls For Wheelchair Guy

Before Ejection

Up – Accelerate

Down – Slow/Reverse

Right – Lean right

Left – Lean left

Z – Eject

Shift – Turn rocket counter-clockwise

Ctrl – Turn rocket clockwise

Space – Enable rocket

After Ejection

Up – Straighten arms and legs

Down – Curl into ball

Left – Push all joints up including head

Right – Straighten arms and press arms forwards

Shift – Raise one arm and one leg

Ctrl – Raise other arm and other leg

Space – Grab